The animated movie from 1998 was one of the strangest movies I saw as a kid, so I wanted to see it I would still like it. Like the title says the movie is about ants. How can one not love this movie? I bet all kids want to watch something about an insect they hate! So should you expect a disaster since it is about ants? –No, because the movie is actually really lovely.

The plot for this one is about an ant named Z. He does not like his life at all and want to change it around when he falls in love with a princess ant.

Watching the movie as an adult was extremely interesting. I quickly realized what a great movie for kids it really is. It features a titanic like love story with a class system, war and other history and society like terms, oppression in a way how dictatorships work. Therefore I think it’s an absolutely perfect movie for kid’s opportunity to see the real world instead of the falling in love with a prince theme. The best part about it is that it’s made in an animated format they will enjoy.

This movie is also great for adults as they will pick up on the underlying seriousness of the movie and se the difficult society for what it is, but also find more humoristic aspects than the kids. The plot in the movie is perfect and great for the children since it won’t be as serious. This might be one of the most educational yet fun animated movies for kids I have seen and it’s also good for adults, so I’d recommend you give it a shoot. 9 / 10


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