War Of The Worlds

The time has come; Steven Spielberg has finally disappointed me. Luckily things could have been much worse than this 2005 drama movie.

The plot for the movie is that suddenly a storm comes, which is followed by an alien invasion. During the movie we get to follow a family of three as they try to escape.

The beginning of the movie was pretty good but somewhere along the way it just dropped. The plot brought nothing special and the alien were not always visually likable. The rest of the visuals were pretty good but once again it was nothing special.

Those facts I’ve might been able to live with if the casting had been god. Don’t get me wrong nowadays I really like Dakota Fanning but this was 2005 and her main thing in this movie is being a screaming kid. They also used Tom Cruise which was really bad. He acted badly in this movie and along with Dakota they really brought this movie down.

War Of The Worlds is definitely not the worst movie I have seen but the sometimes really bad visuals and very bad acting made the movie average at best. The only thing saving the movie for me was the ending, since it was pretty open and a bit cliché it could not go wrong.  4 / 10



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