The House Of The Spirits

The drama movie from 1993 is based on a novel by Isabel Allende. The movie is set during the revolution in Chile and is therefore based on true events even though this movie has a lot of fiction elements in it. During the movie we get to follow a family’s lives during this time era.

Personally I am not a fan of history movie and that rule has only a few exceptions. The good thing about this movie was that there were not that much focus on the history but there were parts of it and therefore it’s probably one of those movies that are good to see for your overall knowledge.

The plot was not unexpected nor my style but because of the history link I would recommend the movie even if I didn’t like it. I will not criticize it more since it’s not really my scene to down grade these types of movies. There is a value in it though so if you like the “based on a true story” along with fictional elements and magic realism I would recommend you to see it and make up your own mind. 3 / 10


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