The dystopian young adult novel is the first one in the sci-fi series named gone. It’s written by American author Michael Grant this series will eventually have six books once completed.

The plot for the first book is that suddenly everyone over 15 disappears.  The entire adult and semi-adult world is instantly gone. During the book we get to follow the kids from the city where it all happened and how they will solve this issue. In the first page of all chapters there is a timer and it’s ticking down. The question is what will happen once it hit’s zero.

The issue the characters face is if you can really create a world where all 15-year olds and above are gone. How will they take care of themselves and create a society, and is that even possible? Especially as stranger and stranger things starts too happened every day in their strange little town?

The story is very unique and capturing. I will absolutely read the rest of the series as the first book in a way ended with a cliffhanger. The idea for the plot of the book becomes more and more creative with each chapter. First it was only about survival but then it becomes so much more when the kids figure out that the universe seem to have changed…

Not everything in the book was perfect though. Occasionally I felt that the kids in this book were a bit too immature. I understand why the younger ones were but I think it was a bit overdone with the older ones. Another thing I did not like was the religious aspects, I understood it to some extent but as the last sentence it was a bit too much here as well.

Overall it was a very good book with a unique way of creating a new world, I would definitely recommend the book and I am looking forward to reading the sequels. 7 / 10


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