The 2008 monster thriller movie seems to be one of those movies that everyone likes. I can definitely see why, because the entire movie is shoot form a found footage point of view and there are elements in the movie that forces the viewer too keep watching it.

The plot begins with a party and suddenly the power goes out followed by strange sounds. Suddenly the entire town is attacked by some strange things. Then we get to follow group of friends as they try to escape. During their journey we get to see the devastation caused by these creatures…

The concept was a bit different and I liked the mystery that the found footage gave us. All those questions came up pretty early in the movie and that was good for keeping the viewer interested in the movie. To catch our attention even more you could see the destruction, consequences and viruses that these monsters spread around. We also get to see how the military and medics try to save New York. The movie ends with an extremely open ending which contributed to the fascinating mystery of it all.

This movie was very unique and I’ve seen that most people seem to really like the movie and therefore I would definitely recommend it. 9 / 10


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