Breaking Dawn part 2 (a weird review)

Before beginning this review I must say that everything the majority likes about this movie franchise I absolutely despise. Meaning I want all the main characters to die but I love almost all of the background characters. Therefore this review will be divided into 3 categories.

Category 1: Overall visuals and sticking to the plot.

I think that the last director had been doing a pretty good job on staying true to the books and that is pretty obvious in part 2 as well. Some of the things in the beginning were a bit toned down so that there was room for a big twist towards the last half hour of the movie. This twist was not mentioned in the books so it was really fun to watch it. I will not spoil that scene but I will say that the might be some action in it… The visual aspects were done really well in this movie and I really felt that they tried to focus on making them as good as possible. I certainly don’t see how they could have been better while sticking to the way it was described in the book. Category grade: 9 / 10

Category 2: The movie focused on the main characters.

Both despising the actors who plays Edward, Bella and Jacob and also the characters in themselves I knew I was once again in for a challenge watching this movie, since it’s all about them.  There were the cheesy romance parts and all the happy moments which I guess I was supposed to love. It’s not that I don’t understand the appeal, I do but I still found myself hoping for the Volturi (“evil vampires”) to step in and rip their heads off. Obviously my grade for this category won’t be high but in this movie all of them actually made me laugh once which helped a little. Category grade: 2 / 10

Category 3: Background characters.

Even though I hate the main characters I have always loved the background characters. I think Stephanie Meyer chose to focus on the wrong characters when there are so many other characters that are way better. In this movie you get to see the majority of them. I loved it, some of them are evil and some are hilarious. I’m really glad that there was a lot of focus on them. All with their different story and background and it was amazing to see how much they lifted the movie. This was the best movie for me to watch since it had a bit less focus on the main characters and I am extremely apply about it. Category grade: 10 / 10

If you have any questions on my weird view point the throw in a moment below, thanks for reading this weird review.


2 comments on “Breaking Dawn part 2 (a weird review)

  1. Finally!!! Someone else who doesn’t like Jacob OR Bella and Edward! 😀

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