The comedy movie from 2012 is directed by Seth MacFarlane. Seth is famous for creating Family Guy and in my opinion had a big failure with the similar show American Dad. I thought the last TV-show I mentioned was way too similar to Family Guy and therefore I did not like it. So when I heard who the director of Ted was I quickly became skeptical and thought that it would be Family Guy in a movie.

Unfortunately I was right because in some places you could clearly see the link between the movie and both of Seth’s shows. I now strongly doubt Seth’s creativity and It will go long before I see another work of him.

Anyway, the plot is about a guy who has grown up with his talking teddy bear and now tries to have a good relationship to both the bear and his girlfriend. Which is not an easy task since Ted is messing up things for his friend in every way possible.

At first I liked the sound of the talking teddy bear idea and I thought that he would be a bit of a cocky bear, but in a funny way. Yet again I was disappointed. The humor that was produced by all the characters I had seen way to much of already and if you are not in a nearly brain-dead state of mid when watching it you will sometimes find the movie slightly arrogant and tacky, even if you know it’s supposed to be funny.

To my conclusion… Was Ted a fun movie to watch with a good concept? No, it mixed many cliché moments with lame humor and bad characters. Have you seen more than five episodes of Family Guy? Then Ted won’t surprise you. 3 / 10



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