Total Recall

The 2012 dystopian sci-fi movie is a remake of the original movie from 1990. During the plot we get to follow the protagonist’s journey to try to understand who he is. The movie is set after the movies fictional World War 3 and the current time is the beginning of the 22-century. In the beginning we get to follow this normal man who realizes that his whole life is a lie and that all the memories he has are false.

Beautiful visuals and a two hour journey through almost nonstop action this movie is a must see. I was impressed how the future was portrayed in the movie, I also like that it left me with some things that I’m free to interpret myself. I love seeing movies set in the future because I find it enjoyable to watch all the extreme technology and crazy environments that becomes available for you to see.

The actors did a good job with creating the characters. In this movie we don’t really get to know that much about them except they all turn in to these badass action geniuses. It really is fun to see how the futuristic elements blends in with the action and how they make the environment, visuals, strange technology and the characters work so well together to enhance the action experience.

The movie really brought me some of the most capturing action scenes I have seen in a while and also managed to give a pleasant surprise. 9 / 10


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