Face Off

Reality shows aren’t innovative anymore? Well the reality game show Face Off is pretty innovative if you ask me. I have not seen a full season but II have seen some episodes here and there. The first season aired in 2011 so there will be a lot more seasons to look forward to.

The concept and purpose of the game show is to find the world’s best makeup artist. No, it’s not at all what it sounds like. In this show we do not get to see some people applying mascara. In this show we see full body transformations according to different themes e.g. sea creatures or forest nymphs.

I really think that it is fun to watch this show because it provides another depth to the movie industry. It was fun to see the development behind some types of movie characters. You develop an understanding of how characters like zombies, monsters, vampires and other things are created.

I’m really astounded to see what the competitors are able to perform and the show is definitely fun to watch every once In a while. I do not know how good I would find it to be if I had been continuously watching it. One thing I can guarantee though and that is the fact that you will be amazed by the show if you give it a try. Therefore I think everyone should watch at least one episode of the show as it will hopefully be a fun experience for you to see. For me it definitely get’s a 7 / 10 for giving me some interesting perspective on the production of movies and tv-shows.



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