The horror movie from 2008 really impressed me, I would highly recommend this movie and its sequel (Mirrors 2).

The plot begins with a security guard running away from something. He hides inside a room where he tries to destroy the mirrors inside it. Suddenly the mirror reflection kills him. After that we get to follow the main character Ben as he gets a new job as a safety guard at a closed department store. In time he realizes that there is something wrong with the mirrors inside the store. Almost as if they were…

Well to be able to finish that sentence you’ll simply have to watch the movie or throw in your best guesses.

Time for some reflection. I had not seen the concept done before and therefore it was a movie that captured me right from the start. The visual effects really fitted the movies scenery and it captured atmosphere the movie provided really well. The characters were also right for the plot and they definitely made the movie even better. The ending was a bit special and I’m not sure if I liked or not.

This movie was definitely a positive surprise in the horror pile as it even managed to be a bit scary. The concept was great and I really think you should give it a shot if you are into horror movies. 8 /10



2 comments on “Mirrors

  1. The Korean original is really good too. I recommend you give that one a look. I think it’s called ‘Into the Mirror.’

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