This 2006 American disaster movie is the closest movie I’ve seen to titanic. If you remove all the romance and many of the tragic parts…

The plot is set on a cruise ship that suddenly gets hit by a wave and is now upside down and barely floating in the ocean. Then we get to follow a group of people as they try to find a way out of the upside-down hanging boat before it sinks.

I had not heard much about it so I was positively suppressed. I was impressed on how they managed to have the main part of the movie set after it had been flipped upside-down. They managed to still keep the story interesting and eventful. The journey the characters made when they tried to get out was done in a very good way and the upside-down scenery was fun to watch.

The acting was good and the plot managed to have a nice set of events set in a good pace. It might not be one of the best movies I have seen but I certainly don’t regret watching it It’s one of those  movies  that are perfect for eating a lot of popcorn. 7 / 10



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