A movie that pretty much only takes place in a chairlift? The Frozen is a movie for you. This America horror movie from 2010 did too skiing what Jaws did for swimming. Or at least some people think so. The movie was released in 2010 and for not having any famous actors or anything like that I was pretty impressed with the result.

So did it frighten me? Not really, but I feel a slight discomfort when my chairlift got stuck about a month after watching the movie. Otherwise there were not many scary scenes but as a thriller it works really well and when watching some scenes I did feel a bit queasy.

The plot is about three friends who get stuck in a chairlift on their skiing vacation and they realize that they will be stuck in that chairlift for three days… Sounds boring? Luckily the acting and everything was really good and for a movie that’s mainly set in a chairlift I was amazed that I found it to be as good as I did.

Since its winter time in many countries now I definitely recommend the movie at this time a year, though it might be a good idea to see it after your skiing trip. The movie was highly memorable for me and I have watched it several times and I still like it a lot. For what it is I hardly see how it could have been any better. 9 / 10


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