Iron Sky

This 2012 Finnish, Australian and German comedy movie is definitely special. The movie is a mix between comedy and sci-fi but it almost ended up being a parody of The Second World War.

Now you think I’m insane so I will briefly explain what the plot is about. In short Hitler survived and took a bunch of Nazis and an Einstein parody with him to live on the dark side of the moon. Now the year is 2018 and the German Nazis are now planning to continue the war…

Sounds crazy to you? Well it sure did to me. Otherwise the rumors are true because if you are not ready to take on this movie with humor then do yourself a favor and don’t watch it. All the visuals and green screening was good so there is nothing to complain about there. Sadly I can’t say the same for the concept. The first 15 minutes I was going mad wandering what’s wrong with the world! I did lose some intelligence while watching it because many things in the movie where just so tacky.

In a way the movie is a mockery to the history, sometimes it’s fun and other times the things are overacted and made ridiculous, in a bad way… It’s hard to set a grade for this movie but I’ll recommend it if you want to have your mind blown away. If it will be in a good way or a bad one I’ll leave for you to decide. Personally I don’t regret watching it and it’s definitely memorable… in both ways. 6 / 10


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