Vampire Academy

This young adult series is set in a vampire world inside USA. The six books in the series are all written by Richelle Mead. The books have sold millions of copies so I thought it would be good to make a review of these books since many people are still reading them. This will be an overlook of the series where the spoilers are kept to a minimum.

The plot for this franchise is that you get to follow the protagonist Rose’s journey to become a protector for vampires. In these series there are half vampires that protect normal vampires from an evil kind of vampires. In Rose’s journey you get to see just that, but Rose is also a bit special and her best friend Lissa is also special and Rose takes upon the mission to protect Lissa at all costs…

The plot captured me right from the start you got drawn into a world that is very well described and the concept and scenery’s were not hard to get at all. Some books were better than others but they managed to make the plot last in a steadily event full pace. They managed to throw in action, drama, a hint of comedy and romance into the series in a good way.

The characters in the series were very different in personalities and there were a variation of different sorts of characters. The many characters did not make things blurry it was instead rather interesting to see how different worlds the different vampires live in.

These series were definitely great and it was fun to see a more kick-ass series instead of the cheesy main characters in Twilight. Richelle Mead did a great effort worth the series and they are definitely worth the 9 / 10.

Book 1: Vampire Academy


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