chocolate sauce recipe and hot chocolate recipe

Since I’m currently working on a new cookie recipe which is taking too long I will post that one tomorrow instead. Since it’s getting pretty late in Sweden I will just tell you about what is probably the easiest way to make chocolate sauce perfect for ice cream or whatever you feel like.


1 dl sugar

1 dl cocoa

1 dl whip cream

What to do:

You simply mix everything in a pot and then you heat it up on a low heating setting and then you whisker it slowly. You do not have to constantly whisker it just make sure that you heat it up carefully and when you cannot feel the sugar when whisking it anymore it’s done. So make sure that it’s warm and that the ingredients have melted together. Enjoy.

Finnished sauce

All done

Note: if you have leftovers you can easily make a cup of hot chocolate. Simply whisker the made chocolate sauce together with milk and boil it. Enjoy. 


4 comments on “chocolate sauce recipe and hot chocolate recipe

  1. lethia01 says:

    That looks delicious!

  2. […] Make the chocolate sauce first so it can cool down a bit during the time you make the muffins. How to make the chocolate sauce: […]

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