Tron Legacy

This American Sci-Fi movie from 2010 is the sequel to Tron (1982). I will however say that there is no need at all to watch the first movie before this one. The plot’s ar not linked and I watched Tron Legacy without knowing that it was a sequel. When I realized this I took a peek at Tron’s trailer but I was so disappointed on it that I will probably never watch Tron. So I’d recommend you to watch the sequel directly.

The plot is simply put about a boy whose father disappeared when he was younger. When the kid becomes a man he gets a key to his father’s old office in his computer company. The son enters it to try and find out why his father left, when suddenly he discovers a completely different world…

The movie is just about two hours long and in the first 45 minutes I’d hardly understood anything at all. Luckily the visuals and how everything was portrayed through the green screening was mesmerizing to watch. I was almost hypnotized into seeing more of the movie even if I could not understand it. You could really see that the developers had spent two years into making the visuals look their best.  How well made all the surroundings were can easily be compared to Avatar, but in a highly technological world instead of one with stunning nature.

With the green screening done so stunningly they made the characters fit in to that environment really well. Giving them glowing outfits and odd personalities. There were also some normal characters in movie as well, namely the three main characters. All the actors played their parts well and I was extremely impressed with Michael sheens role as Zuse. The character of Zuse was only in the movie for about 5 minutes but he was different and extremely entertaining.

Watching this movie I had no idea on what it was about. In about 20 minutes in it blew my mind away, capturing me in its strange world. I would honestly recommend the movie to everyone. It was a pure bliss for me to watch to say the least.


2 comments on “Tron Legacy

  1. thrash says:

    The visuals are fantastic in that film, I especially love the soundtrack that was done by Daft Punk

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