This fantasy romance movie from 2011 is partly based on the same titled novel and in a way the movie is retelling the fairytale Beauty and the Beast.  During the plot you get to see the richest, most popular, shallow and quite mean boy getting cursed by one of his classmates, making him ugly. The curse says that he must find a girl who will love him despite his appearance within a time frame he will stay with the appearance the curse gave him.

The movie was average. The acting was neither good nor bad and the characters had in a way all been done before. The ending was predictable and the movie had quite a few flaws. The curse which was supposed to make the main character disgusting did not nearly live up to my expectations.

In short this is a movie that I would recommend to 10-year-olds. If you are looking for a refreshing and interesting plot this isn’t it. 3 / 10


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