In Time

In Time was definitely a movie suitable for me. You may say whatever you want to say about the main actors but I think they managed to pull their jobs off in a good way. Set in the year of 2169 a genetic modification has stopped humans from aging once they hit 25. On their 25th birthday they develop a ticking clock on their arms that says how much time they have left to live. Once it hits zero you’re instantly dead.

In this future everything money stand for today is replaced by time. You earn time by working and you lose time as it ticks away and also when you do daily things e.g. buying something. The society is divided in to a class system where the rich ones can live forever but the poor ones have to work daily to stay alive.

The protagonist of the movie is a factory worker named Will, who lives with his mother. He is sick of living the poor lifestyle and after a tragedy he finds a 105 year old from the richer parts of the world who offers Will all the time in the world. After that you get to follow Will’s journey in hope to create a better world.

This was a movie that suited me perfectly. The futuristic theme and the way everything was portraid was quite realistic and very interesting to watch. I was impressed with the way they created the different class systems and I loved the time system. The characters were well made and the movie is perfect for watching when you don’t want to figure out the movie by yourself but you still want a good storyline.

I felt that the plot was pretty groundbreaking and In Time was definitely one of the best movies I watched in 2011. 9 / 10



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