Private Practice

I just recently heard about this spin off. It takes the character Addison Montgomery from Grey’s Anatomy once she moves to LA and starts to work in a Private Practice. Unlike grey’s anatomy this show is not set in a typical hospital environment. There are on operation, rooms no scrubs and many other things that you have gotten used to see in grey’s anatomy are non-excitant here. In a way this is more of a diagnostics drama.

I loved the fact that you got to follow Addison’s life in these series since she was my all-time favorite character in grey’s anatomy. Luckily this spin off is very different and the elements that used to annoy me have all been removed.

The show felt like a fresh start with fewer characters and they are also very different from the ones in the grey’s anatomy. Fortunately the spinoff is not directly connected to the original show so you do not need to see the Grey’s Anatomy season to be able to watch private Practice. Though I guess some things could make a bit more since if you watch season 2 – 3 of grey’s anatomy.

The plot for the first season is mainly about Addison trying to adjust to her new life in LA. The season only has 9 episodes so there was not really room for much else but it was fun to follow Addison’s new life and the first season managed to make me believe that the next one will be even better.  9 / 10


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