Romeo and Juliet (1996)

I have now watched the 1996 version of one of the most famous love stories of all time. Since it’s extremely uncommon that people doesn’t know what it’s about I will be brief. Simply put: There are two families called Montague and Capulet and these families are nemesis. A son from one of the families falls in love with the daughter of the other family. I must also say that it’s originally a play by William Shakespeare, which means that this movie is also done in such fashion. With hopes and expectations I let the movie devour me.

Later on and extremely disappointed I watched the credits roll. The story is not really much complaining about. Unfortunately the way it was portrayed was awful and I almost felt that it was an outrage towards the original concept. Everything about the scenery and the filming locations was extremely unrealistic. The buildings looked like fake stage props and the same goes for so many other props they used. Even the cars looked like two plastic rectangles when you first laid your eyes on them.

The way it was filmed was really not that great either. The way the weather changes were shot was also done in a poor way. Same goes for the sequences where they pulled you with a big jerk and snatched you directly out of a scene and even faster into another one. The characters were sometimes dressed so ridiculously that it wasn’t even funny anymore. It left you confused and kind of disgusted. I was not a fan of the poem like lines that were used consistently throughout the movie either.

To say that this movie was a big disappointment would definitely not be the exaggeration of the year. I would definitely not recommend this version of Romeo and Juliet unless it was April fool’s day. 2 / 10



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