Grey’s Anatomy season 4-8

The 4th season of the American surgeon show began airing in 2007. The main characters has become older and are getting closer and closer to becoming real surgeons as the days pass by. Unfortunately the show is not that good anymore.

They try to create new and exciting scenarios by killing different characters and adding action added sequences, like a shooting drama in the end of season six. They also replaced even more of the characters and giving them wider story’s to make it interesting.

The problem is that I really don’t think it’s working. The characters that I used to like in the beginning are becoming boring and annoying. The wise words in the beginning and end of each episode are now irritating me. Whenever I her them I think “I get it, I know you think you are extra special because you’re surgeons.”

It’s a shame that a show that used to be so great has ended up being so destroyed. Season nine premiered a few weeks ago and if they had not managed to make something so dramatic in the end of season eight I’m not sure if so many people would have stuck around to watch it. I knew that I certainly wouldn’t. So I’d recommend the previous seasons but not these ones because I felt that the show was a sinking ship. 4 / 10


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