Grey’s Anatomy season 1-3

The now very famous TV-show began airing its first season in 2005. The plot is set in a hospital called Grey’s Anatomy. During the show we get to follow five interns as they train to become surgeons.  You get to follow their lives inside the hospital and you also get an insight in some other doctors in the show.

Each episode begins with some vise on sometimes not so wise words from the main character. The episodes also ends with a conclusion of with was said in the beginning. These words always set the scene for that particular episode and are always about surgeons and the characters’ lives in general. Each episode contains drama in the characters’ lives and usually several cases to follow.

The plot is vise written and they are both replacing and bringing in totally different characters when they consider it wisely to do so. This is really good for keeping the plot interesting. They manages to switch the show around enough so it doesn’t feel like a hospital where everyone does the same thing all the time.

I found this show to be interesting and the plot is great to. There is a character for everyone in the series. I’m not sure whom I would recommend the show to but I do believe that this show is certainly worth giving a chance. I definitely feel that the show has deserved all its nominees and it will get a 9 / 10 from me.


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