Brother Bear 2

This Disney movie from 2006 is a sequel to Brother Bear. I liked the first one when I was a kid because it had a nice soundtrack and the plot differed a bit from the common Disney princess styled movies. Somehow I never got a chance to see the sequel as a kid, so it was fun being able to watch it with a mature perspective.

This movie centers around the two bears, just as the first one did. The difference is that you get introduced to the older bear’s friend in this movie. She has to burn a necklace that the bear gave her while he was still human. So the girl needs to find the two bears and convince them to burn the necklace with them, so the girl can get married.

The big disappointment in this movie was the soundtrack. It was not in the same style as in the first movie and the lyrics were a lot worse. Luckily the plot was great and it’s one of the best Disney sequels I’ve seen. It’s animated beautifully and the characters were thought through and they were always spot on. They centered the sequel on very different things, compared to the first one, but they pulled it of stunningly. I also found the Stone Age life scenery very interesting and looking back I remember liking it in the first movie as well.

I think both the sequel and the first movie are movies that a lot of people will enjoy. They are great movies for all ages and I definitely think that they are some of Disney’s best creations so far. They kept the standard of the sequel really high so brother bear 2 gets 8 / 10 from me.



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