The Nine Lives Of Chloe King

The Nine Lives Of Chloe King was a fantasy drama show premiering in 2011. ABC Family canceled the show after one season, giving the show a total of 10 episodes. The show is about a teenager who develops cat like abilities and she realizes that she is a part of a species called the Mai. She is the choosen one from the Mai, which means that she has nine lives. Unfortunately for her that means that there are people out there, who want her dead…

The first episode was the best, but afterwards the pace of the show slowed down, and left everything for the last episode. Ending dramatically the show gave you a huge cliffhanger. There is only one problem with that and that is the fact that there will be no more seasons. Otherwise the editing and everything was well made but they decided to pace the plot to slow. The format with only having 10 episodes was a brilliant idea to me because I think it’s easier to convince more people to watch a shorter season, instead of the usual 20-something episodes that are used in most series.

The show had a lot of potential and if they had evened out the plot’s action parts and made a second season it would definitely gotten a better rating from me. But since they decided to leave the ending and the series as it was I will only give it 5 / 5.


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