Terra Nova

This TV-show premiered in 2011 and it was created by the one and only Steven Spielberg. The show begins its settings in 2149 and the overpopulation and decreasing air quality is strongly threatening mankind. Scientists have recently discovered a time gap in space. This allows them to send people back 85 million years and straight into the earth’s Cretaceous Period; entering the human built up village they have named Terra Nova.

In the show we get to follow the Shannon family as they do this. They are welcomed into the new world with only a few hundred citizens and the wildlife of the past. Later on in the show the family learns that some of the people who were shipped to Terra Nova, before them have created a tribe that are against Terra Nova and they are planning to destroy it. The show was planned for another season but unfortunately was cancelled, which leaves the ending kind of bad.

One of the reasons for its cancellation was the use of money for making the graphics marvelously mesmerizing and the viewer’s count weren’t big enough. So the show ended up with a total of 13 episodes.

I think this is still a good show to watch and it was an interesting concept, mixed with a good plot good acting, and excellent visuals in both the future and the past the show will get  8 / 10 from me.



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