SSX 2012

This is the first game released in the SSX series for about since 2005 (leaving out the flop that SSX Blur had in 2007.) Out of all the games this was the sixth installment in the series and it has been released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. SSX is one of the biggest snowboard series for consoles and the original SSX game struck the world by storm during its release in 2000. Therefore this was a game that a lot of fans have been waiting for, the game but it ended up getting a lot of mixed reviews.

The game was planned to be released in 2010 but when a trailer for the game was uploaded many fans complained and thought that EA (Electronic Arts) had abandoned their original concept and making the game to dark. EA accepted the criticism and postponed the release while changing back to a more true SSX style.

When the changes version was released there were people on the skeptical side, but also people who were really positive to it. The gameplay and the graphics are excellent and it feels like a new modern SSX game. They have added trick courses, race courses and a new mode called survival events. In these events your characters can use oxygen tanks, headlights and other things to survive the tricky slopes. These events got mixed reviews, but they are mainly positive.

The multiplayer function is none existent in this game which was one of the biggest disappointments to the fans. However they did include an online mode which is executed stunningly and it’s definitely one of the best things in the game. Everyone can play these features with an internet connection and you could be great or horrible and there is still a competition out there that will suit you.

The characters and the storyline in this game were really good but I do hope that they will release the darker version as well, since I think it will please even more fans. In the game you play in different parts of the world and the developers have come forward with several new updates, which among things gave you new gaming modes. That is a great feeling because then you know that the will make the game better and better as time flies by.

To sum up this game still carries all the good things that made me fall in love with the first game when I was younger and since the developers are constantly trying to improve it I will give it 9 / 10


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