Real Steel

Set in 2020, this movie is about a guy who makes his living by making robots fight in boxing matches. When his ex-wife dies he needs to take care of his 11-year old son for 3 months. The kid is not particularly fond of the idea since his father has never really cared for him at all.

The movie has a lot of great moments in it and they really managed to make the plot a bit unpredictable. It has great visual effects and they did a good job with making it not only a family movie but a movie many people can enjoy. It has some drama parts, funny moments, well-made fighting sequences and many feel good moments. Therefore it can be suitable for a lot of people and the acting definitely did not disappoint you.

The only bad thing one can really say about the movie was the ending because it came a bit abrupt. Otherwise it was a strong movie all through and it will get a 9 / 10 from me.


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