This movie from 2011 is an exciting mystery and thriller movie.  The plot is about a broke writer who one day gets a pill from a friend. In the movie they believe in the theory that you only use about 20% of your brain. So after he has taken the pill he is able to use all of his brain capacity, mastering languages just by listening to the, learns to play the piano in two days and many other things. Unfortunately these pills haven’t hit the market yet and soon the main character finds himself dealing with a lot of people who wants to take the pills away from him.

I was very fond of the plot in the movie, I can’t recall ever seeing something like this before and therefore it was very interesting. The way you get to follow the main character and the way they made his characteristics were very interesting. One he has taken the first pill the plot escalated and you found yourself memorized by the things he was able to learn and how drastically his life changed.

This was a good quality movie were the acting was perfect and the editing was done in a good way, there weren’t any big special effects other than a few things to make the plot clearer and because of that the movie was very believable. It left you with the feeling that you wanted to be able to do the things he did and even the ending was great.

To sum up I feel that this was one of the best movies from 2011 and I would recommend it to pretty much everyone over 14. So for me this movie gets 10 / 10.


4 comments on “Limitless

  1. Nostra says:

    I loved it, the movie managed to effectively show the viewer what the effect of the pill would be. It would be amazing if these things actually existed 😉 (without the side effects of course)

    • analyzemaster says:

      Wouldn’t it! That was pretty much all I could think of for hours after I had watched the movie. I also loved how they portrayed the story and it was interesting to see how drastically his life changed.

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