Tekken 6

This is the sixth installment in the arcade fighting game series. It was released on at least PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. I had big hopes for this game but the results were not that great. The new characters were mainly boring and the game modes brought nothing special. The gameplay in itself was extremely similar to Tekken 5 and therefore it wasn’t that fun to play it. The game also has a lot of loading time and it makes my ps3 sound a lot and sometimes it feels like the game loads more than you actually play it.

The new online feature was nice but you can’t chose the level you want your opponent to be on, which makes it impossible to beat many of them as its randomly selected. The graphics were hardly improved since the last game and therefore this game really isn’t worth your money and I’d recommend you to spend them on the upcoming installments instead.  Since it felt like I was wasting my time buying Tekken 6 I will only give it 3 / 10.


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