(un)arranged marriage

This book is about culture clashes between India and England and it’s written by Bali Rai. During the plot we get to follow a boy named Manjit. He lives with his Indian, Punjabi family in Leicester, England. The book is written entirely in his perspective so we get to see how it is too live in a strict cultural family with Punjabi heritage compared to the boy’s own state of mind, where he is more of a normal British boy than anything that has to do with the Punjabi values.

Manjit is not like his family at all, he does not understand their culture and his family takes it out on him by abusing him. Manjit, thinks his father is stupid for saying that education, dreams, the English languages and getting a good job after studying is stupid. Manjit does not agree at all because he thinks that having an education and doing what he wants is important. During the plot his father is getting more and more tired of Manjit disobeying him and he soon arranges a marriage for him.

This book was well written and it’s a great book for people who like to broaden their horizons. The only issue I had with this book was that there were a lot of Punjabi words that were not always explained and it made the reading a bit harder. With an interesting plot and a relevant issue this book deserves 9 / 10.


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