The show is from 2009 – 2012, it aired for 3 seasons so far and season 4 has just started. The show is about a teacher and his students. In the first episode a teacher arrives to a high school where he wants to start a glee club. He has an audition and afterwards the show mainly focuses on the glee members and some teachers. The glee members are faced bulling in their school since the poplar kids thing it’s stupid to be in a glee club and wanting to sing in national competitions.

The show is kind of a mix between drama, humor, family and a musical. Every episode the glee club does covers of at least 3 different songs, some quite similar to the original ones and some are almost completely remade, but all of them are narrowed down from its original lengths to not make the songs overtake the show.  Sometimes the songs are excellent and sometimes they are not suitable for everyone’s taste but overall they do a good job with not making all the songs the same.

The characters are though through and they make sure that they have something for everyone. The show usually focus a bit more on some characters than others, but every now and then you get to see some of the background characters taking up more space than the main characters.

The show in itself might not be something that everyone finds great but it has a good message to be yourself and stand up for what you believe in and therefor the sow gets 7 / 10 for me and I will definitely be back with a review ones season 4 has finished airing.



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