This is a movie about internet problems of the 21 century. You get to follow a teen named Taylor who gets a new laptop for her birthday. She signs up on a social network site and quickly starts chatting with her friends and some guys at school who’s barely even talked to her before.

Soon enough a rumor about her starts and in just a few hours she is bullied by her entire school on the social network site.

The movie was very relevant since it brings up common issues and therefore it was believable. It had a plot twist in the end that I wasn’t that fond of but overall it was a good family movie and the issues the movie brings up you can do a lot of thinking of. So my grade for Cyberbully will be 7 / 10.


4 comments on “Cyberbully

  1. I saw something quite similair to this called chatroom, it’s definitely for adults though. It’s about a boy who manipulates others into doing what he wants – via a chatroom- it was great.

  2. Now this sounds intresting, I will defenitly look it up, thanks for the tip.

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