The Woman In Black

This pretty new movie is set in the beginning of 1900 you follow a young lawyer as he travels to a small village to sell a house. While he is there kids in the village die and the house seems to be haunted by a woman.

The acting in the movie wasn’t bad and the editing was very good compared to many horror films existing today. Unfortunately the plot feels a bit used even though I haven’t seen a movie exactly like this one. You could kind of guess what was about to happened and that definitely brings the movie down. The last half of the movie was a bit overdramatically and it seems that they were trying too hard to make it exiting so they ended up failing. The ending was disappointing because it kind of makes you feel like you wasted your time watching it.

Luckily for the movie many bad horror films have come out recently and therefor it gets 4 / 10.


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