This 2012 movie I had heard a lot about and I knew it had gotten some good reviews so I decided to check it out. The plot is basically about explores finding a planet where they believe mankind origins from. The movie is a prequel to the alien franchise so it’s not necessary at all to have seen the alien movies. Prometheus is set during the final years of the 21 century and therefore it creates a lot of opportunities for the director to use new technology, which he definitely uses throughout the plot. The landscapes and the surroundings a beautifully made and it creates a good feeling about the movie.

So it’s a shame that it gets ruined right then and there. The movie was a bit confusing in the beginning and the plot was predictable and quite boring. Many of the characters weren’t that good and the ending felt like a rip off from Avatar.

I guess some people might enjoy the movie but this Sci-Fi movie is not for everyone and therefore it only gets 3 / 10 stars from me.


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