The Amazing Panda Adventure

I remember being totally obsessed with this movie when I was around 6 years old. I had borrowed it at least five times from the library so I thought it could be fun to see the movie from a more mature perspective.

I always thought that it was a perfect family movie and when I saw it again I was proven to be right. It’s a movie set in 1995 where a 10 year old kid named Ryan, who travels from USA to China to help his father save pandas at a reserve. He, a girl and a panda cob falls of a bridge and into a river while being hunted by poachers and their mission becomes to bring the panda to the reserve while trying to keep him alive and escape the poachers.

The movie contains a lot of excitement and it’s perfect for kids, families and even grown-ups who want to watch one of those movies where everything is so cute and with a happy ending good enough to even make the rainiest Monday go away. The plot is excellent and the overall quality of the movie is great and you can clearly see that they had been using the best technology they had at the time.

This is the kind of movie I would recommend to everyone and I think it has something in it that suits all of us.  You quickly fell in love with the panda cob and everything it does, and since I still found it to be one of the best family movies it definitely gets a 10 / 10 for me.


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