Make It Or Break It

Make It Or Break It was an American TV-show that begun airing in 2009 and ended 2012, giving the show 3 seasons in total. It’s a show about 4 gymnasts who aspire to compete in 2016’s Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro. During the show we get to follow these gymnasts as they try to balance their around the clock training to compete in different competitions, making sure that they are always close to perfection while it comes to their gymnastics skills, while trying to grow up and all the personal problems that comes with it.

The first few episodes of the show are a bit strange, it’s not a typical show that I would watch, but I did find myself enjoying this different scenery. It gave you quite an insight in the life of professional athletes. You could follow their lives and see the upsides, with the many medals new accomplished skills and the love and devotion they share for the sport. However you also get to see the downsides of devoting so much time and effort into it. They show the characters failing, getting injured, getting anorexia and other things that could go badly when you practice dangerous sports.

The main characters all have stunt gymnasts but most of the skills they do in the show are very believable and they do a stunning job with the editing. The plot is great but some episodes are a more uninteresting than others. There is a character that suits everyone and the show is really thought through.

It was nice following a show like this and you don’t need to know anything about gymnastics to watch the show and it kept a good standard throughout. So I will give Make It Or Break It 9 / 10.


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