Iron Man 2

The second movie continues directly where the first one ended. This movie was a bit worse than the first one, but for a sequel it was still good and I liked it enough to be looking forward to the third one, once it hit the theaters.

This movie is about how Iron Man tries to create justice, while being in the public eye. While at a race track a man with a similar suite to Tony’s shows up and tries to kill him. The copycat is later shipped to prison, where he escapes with help from one of Tony’s business rivals. The escaped convict later develops a bunch of suites similar to Tony’s that are robots that are set out to take over the US army and kill Tony.

The plot in this movie is worse than the first one and it’s not as good. The special effects and all the green screening is still well made but this movie doesn’t capture you in the same way it still do. Luckily the future seems brighter for Iron Man 3 which rumor had it that it will be set in China.

The movie wasn’t all that great but as far as sequels goes I will still rate it 6 / 10 stars.


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