Iron Man

Iron Man begins with billionaire Tony Stark (CEO of Stark industries) visits Afghanistan to demonstrate a new weapon for the US army. Stark gets trapped in an ambush and being the genius he is he creates a body armor with built in weapons and escapes from his captivity, where he is later rescued. Once Stark gets back he decides that his company should stop developing weapons where he also discovers that a man in his company is trying to replace him. Tony decides to rebuild his suit making it a 100 times better with more weapons, strong durability and including the ability to fly. Later on we follow Tony’s path to do good in the world, using his suite and becoming Iron Man.

The actor who plays Tony Stark does a great job with portraying the character. Tony is a bit shallow, sarcastic and he thinks he is on top of the world. Therefore you might get pissed at the character in the beginning but soon enough you’ll love him and appreciate his sense of humor which bring a lot of funny moments into this action packed movie.

The movie has quite an interesting plot that differs slightly from this nice guy hero cliché and it creates a new image of it. The special effects are well made and there are many tiny things in this movie that makes it so much better e.g. the cool looking technology and the moments were Tony is trying to learn how to use the suite.

I found Iron Man to be a great movie and for me it gets 10 / 10 stars.

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