The Avengers

This weekend I had a movie marathon and the first movie I watched was The Avengers.  The movie is about 6 superheroes trying to save the world, by beating Lokie and his army. The superheroes are: Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Hulk, Captain America and Hawkeye.  As you might know almost all of the heroes have other movies. I had only seen the first movie about Hulk and Thor, so I thought that was going to be a problem because I didn’t even know who Black Widow was.

Luckily I was wrong, you don’t have to see the other movies before watching this one which was great and there are no major spoilers for the other movies in this one either. But it might be good to know the fact that Thor’s adoptive brother is Lokie and they had a conflict in the movie Thor and therefore Loki now wants his revenge on earth while searching for a portal.

The movie in itself was very good and I thought the director really thought through the plot with these different superheroes instead of going with superman, batman, spider-man and other “normal heroes” who already have tones of comics and plenty of movies. The actors in The Avengers are really good at playing their characters and making them believable. With superhero movies you sometimes feel that you just get the same story over and over again but here they really tried to diminish that feeling as much as possible which made the experience better.

The technical aspects like the characters powers, stunts, special effects and the green screen footage sense were well made and you could see that the director had put some money into it. So it was a nice movie to watch with a lot of action and some funny parts in it as well and therefore this is a movie that I would definitely recommend you’d watch.

I would rate this movie 9 / 10 stars.


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