Yesterday I watched this movie called ATM, it’s a new horror movie from 2012. The movie is about three friends who decide to take out some cash after a party in an ATM. The ATM is inside a glass building with lockable doors. When the friends have taken out some cash they notice a man in a winter coat standing in the cold and dark parking lot. When another person walks by the man with the coat runs forward and kills him.

From the beginning it sounds like an interesting movie where you expect a lot of excitement… I’d say prepare for disappointment at it’s best. Pretty much the entire movie was about how the friends were going to escape from the ATM and the only interesting twist the plot held was that the killer seemed to reappear instantly after he was killed. This was supposed to scare the audience but the director didn’t even come close to it.

This was definitely an overrated movie with a good looking movie for one who only saw the trailer, but once the movie is started one will quickly become disappointed with the awful thing that is supposed to be acting and the disappointing plot and ending.

Therefore my rating for ATM is 2 out of 10.


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